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Minimalism and simplicity are the key themes,underlying the design of our application and also its functionalities. The entire system has been built with focus on providing maximum and most relevant features to our users at a minimal size of 3mb


Real Time Location Tracking

Know exactly where the school bus is at any given point of time, through its journey to the school. Stay updated of the location of your child’s school bus. Keep an eye out for the bus and its location.


Estimated Time Of Arrival​

No need to rush to the pick up point at the very last moment. Know beforehand when the school bus will be arriving, so that you can plan the morning routine of your little one accordingly.


Smart Notifications

Our notification system, although simple in design, is a very important feature. It will provide timely notification when the bus starts the route, bus has reached the previous stop, bus has reached your stop and when the bus finally reaches the shool.


Immediate Alerts In Situations

Parents would be alerted in case of any situation such as bus breakdown, traffic jam etc that might result in any delay during pickups and dropoffs. You will be updated with everything that happens.


Traffic And Route Mapping

The algorithm for our system shows the location of bus on the road itself with a precise positioning sense. This allows for a more accurate traffic analysis and subsequently better route mapping.


Timely Updates Of Driver

Regular updates regarding the driver responsible for your child’s safety will be provided. Along with all the relevant details. Parents will be notified promptly of any changes made.

How It Works

1. Notification when bus leaves the school

2. School bus arrives notification to parents

3. Student boards the school bus

4. Track the bus and route till the bus reaches school

5. Bus reaches the school

6. Notification when bus leaves the school

7. Alert for bus reaching the home stop

8. Student reached safely to home


Clients Served


Buses Tracked


Parents Reached




Coffee Cups



Frequently Asked Questions

  • “Do we need to pay for this ?”

    — We get a fixed payment from your bus service provider. Who may or may not charge you

  • “What if my child's school is not listed ?”

    — We aim to expand our project and enlist as many schools as possible. If your school is not listed then please contact the principal and ask him to contact us

  • “Can I change the notifications as per my need ?”

    — We are working on that.

  • “Are you tracking my child with this application ?”

    — No, we track the bus not any particular student inside it.

  • “Do you make any guarantees regarding the pickup and the drops ?”

    — No, we only provide tracking feature for the buses.

  • “How long does it take to be verified ?”

    — We try to add you to the database as soon as possible. But sometimes cross checking can result in delay, even then you will be verified on the same day.

  • “Is this application under the safety standards set by government ?”

    — Yes.

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Transport Tracker is the first product of Team Manifest . How often has it happened that you missed the school bus by just a few moments ? Or been standing at the pickup point with no clue as to when the bus will arrive ? Well, Not Anymore. We are a team endeavouring to solve real-world problems and make a difference.

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